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2015 Rolled In

Hey all,

Before January is out, here's a quick Happy New Year and may 2015 bring us lots of great music, wonderful talent and killer sounds.

There are a couple of things to update you on. I just got back from Namm 2015 where I did a nice little H.O.T. Zone talk to live and studio engineers and venue owners on how to get the most out of your system upgrade and on general business practices to ensure repeat customers.

In the mean time I'm excited to let you know that The Sonic Cuisine is now Mastered For iTunes certified, so let the war on over-compression and silly loudness continue. And I've joined the fold at the Music Producers Guild.

There are several projects on the go, on which I'll update you as they come along.

In the mean time, here's a little gear update:

Dynaudio BM6, Tannoy 802, 502 & 402. We've added a wonderful Empirical Labs Distressor EL8-X and we're test driving a sensational Cranesong Insigna Tube 500-series EQ. In addition to the Advanced Audio Cm67se, we've added the  CM251 to the arsenal. It sounds amazing and has been working over time on the Mo Michael recordings at RAK.

Also, a great book on capturing great sound at the source, the antidote to "let's fix it in the mix" attitude, Ian Corbett's Mic It! is now available. I've had the pleasure and honour of contributing to this super read. Check it out.

Have fun out there, be creative and see you on the other side of the glass.

Wesonator decamps to Studio CMI in the Swiss Alps

Hey all. I'm writing you from Studio CMI in the Swiss Alps to give you a little peak behind the scenes and a round up of some images and video material you may have seen on various social media pages.

All's going well here and we're nearing the completion of Leelo Pascal's Album. Once this done, it'll come to the UK with me to be mastered at the Sonic Cuisine.

Before that, I'll stay on a couple more days to record a local band. More on that as it happens.

It is amazing to be welcomed so warmly in a brand new studio. And it is an honour and a total pleasure to work for an artist who has such a clear vision and after all it is an engineer's greatest satisfaction to aid the artist achieve that goal and make them proud of their art.

A massive thank you to Terry Nelson from Studio Equipment for supplying me with the tools I need, to Leelo, Lamiryan, Kay-Yah, Izis, Neo & Onyx for looking after me, to Jaques & Steve for being cool new buddies, to Les Pedzes for putting my shaker skills to the test and for making me laugh uncontrollably and to Debbie and Swiper for putting up with me doing the job I love. x