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Quality Sound Matters

It's pretty cool being asked to write about your opinion on a subject for the trade press. It is even cooler when you get a call from The Grammy folk and ask you if it's ok for them to post your piece on their Quality Sound Matters website. So, here it is people. Hope you enjoy the read.

Couple more things to report on.

Work on Mo Michael's album is rolling along nicely. In the mean time, Mo, film maker extra-ordinaire Jon Klein and myself holed up at RAK studio 2 for the day to film Mo perform 4 of his songs...Live. No overdubs, No trickery! Here's the first one for you.

Mo Michael performs his song Moses Jones Live at Rak Studios.

Lastly, it is with great pleasure and humility that I report that yours truly has been nominated for Studio Engineer Of The Year in the Focusrite sponsored Pro Sound News Awards this year. Fingers crossed.