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TC Helicon & VoiceCouncil load more Wesonator Vids

The Voice Council Youtube channel has been a little more populated with a couple of instructional videos about mixing consoles, ribbon mics, the RCA44 in particular and some handy tips about microphones and microphone pre-amps. All from the famous RAK studios. 

Wesonator explains audio related topics for TC Helicon & VoiceCouncil

A little while back, Voice Council's editor, Greg Barker, and I holed up at RAK Studios to make a few short videos to help demystify those large and scary mixing consoles.

A couple of the vids have now gone live and Voice Council have just published the first part of my audio compression article.


Mixing it up at The Sonic Cuisine

It's been a couple of busy weeks at The Sonic Cuisine. Another 6 mixes on the way for Underground Ally, Monster Jaw's new track Summer Girl completed and a new one in the making. I made a brief and fun excursion to Soho Sound Kitchen to record more vocals for Chuggington and did a killer remix with Abstract Source of Ørjan Vatne's My Gipsy Dream. 

On the equipment list, we've added a bunch of fun  Ross, Electro-Harmonix, Black Cat and Rocktronics pedals, MC Audio Lab's amazing Luna and trusty old Drawmer DL 231.