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TC Helicon & VoiceCouncil load more Wesonator Vids

The Voice Council Youtube channel has been a little more populated with a couple of instructional videos about mixing consoles, ribbon mics, the RCA44 in particular and some handy tips about microphones and microphone pre-amps. All from the famous RAK studios. 

Mixing it up at The Sonic Cuisine

It's been a couple of busy weeks at The Sonic Cuisine. Another 6 mixes on the way for Underground Ally, Monster Jaw's new track Summer Girl completed and a new one in the making. I made a brief and fun excursion to Soho Sound Kitchen to record more vocals for Chuggington and did a killer remix with Abstract Source of Ørjan Vatne's My Gipsy Dream. 

On the equipment list, we've added a bunch of fun  Ross, Electro-Harmonix, Black Cat and Rocktronics pedals, MC Audio Lab's amazing Luna and trusty old Drawmer DL 231.