Elliott Randall: I’ve been working on Elliott’s projects for quite a few years now. I started by restoring “Rock ‘n Roll City” by Randall’s Island and have since mastered all of Elliott’s releases.

Andrew Roachford: I had the honour to be asked by Roachford's producer, Tom E Morrison, to master his single "Real Again" at The Sonic Cuisine.

10.Gauge: The band's drummer Neil Felgate approached me to produce the lads' EP "Rain's Comin' ". We decamped to Monnow Valley Studio to track. Mixing and mastering was done at The Sonic Cuisine.

The Edge: I mastered a corporate piece for the SHELL corporation.

Mark Bolan and T Rex: Mastering and restoration of their performance Live at the Rainbow from 1977 – a vintage year.

Deacon Blue: Mastered their live DVD at Sensible Music.

Weapon: Another NWOBH Sonic Cuisine client. I mastered their "Rising From The Ashes" record.

Distortion MIrrors: Mastered Luke Worle's "Lost Tapes" album.

Fairport Convention: Mastered their album “Sense of Occasion”.

Fluid Mastering: Assistant mastering engineer and cutting engineer for Elvis Presley limited edition 10” featuring “Suspicious Minds” and “Heartbreak Hotel”.

Glen Matlock & The Philistines: I had the great pleasure of Glen's company whilst mastering the fabulous "Rattle Your Cage" album.

James Walsh: I mastered the Starsailor frontman’s “Live At The Top Of The World” at The Sonic Cuisine.

Hussey - Regan: Mastered the very cool collaboration “Curios” between The Mission’s Wayne Hussey and All About Eve’s Julian Regan. 

The New Seekers: I mastered their brand new album at the Sonic Cuisine.

New Model Army: Mastered the "Today Is A Good Day" Album.

Praying Mantis: NWOBHM is still going strong! I mastered the "Sanctuary" master piece at The Sonic Cuisine. And of course the Metamorphosis album which I also recorded and mixed.

Paul Rogers: Mastered “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love”, duet with Deborah Bonham.

Stiff Little Fingers: Mastered the double live album “15 and Counting”. 

Jo Burt: Mastered the latest “Seven Seeds” album from the former Black Sabbath bass player. 

Amber: Amber, signed by Island Records in Australia and I mastered her provocative, fabulous EP.

Casbah Club: Mastered the “Venustraphobia” album and EP.

Mikey Cuthbert: Mastered the “Invisible” EP for this protégé of Pete Townshend.

Alan Darby: Mastered his library albums for DeWolfe Music.

Geoff Dugmore: Mastered tracks recorded for Johnny Hallyday.

Paul Fleisher: The stellar flute and sax player from Randall's Island recorded two lovely albums which I had the pleasure to sprinkle some fairydust on; "Nature Boy" and "That Bridge".

Globe Trekker: For a couple of days you could hear sounds from all around the globe here at the studio. It was a real pleasure working with Neville Farmer, music director for Pilot Television's renowned Globe Trekker series. We put together two albums in the series - "Globe Jam" & "Metropolis". This involved plenty of editing as well as the mastering.

Dylan Howe: Mastered the album "Translations 2" from Steve Howe’s drummer son.

Marty Kupersmith: Elliott Randall introduced me to this Jay and the Americans star. I mastered the album here at The Sonic Cuisine.

John Otway: Mastered the “Bunsen Burner” album and the double “Ultimate and Penultimate Otway” album!

Peggy & PJ: We mastered "Galileo's Apology" for the two Fairport Convention chaps.