The Word On The Street


Here's what some of my clients have to say about me in action...

Word in Philly is that Wes Maebe is a joy. I chose him for a challenging eclectic album – recorded in 10 different studios around the world. Different musical styles and instrumentation ranging from big band to solo acoustic bass needed cohesion. Violin and celli, lush background vocals, blues to chansons, Dylan and Leonard Cohen to Nat King Cole had to sound like they all knew each other.

Wes made sense of it all, giving my record a consistent and sophisticated sound palate. My vocals soared and every special musical moment was given its due. Wes missed nothing, offering his guidance when needed and hearing my thoughts about treatment before words were ever spoken.

All this…and a great sense of humor. Wes has become a dear friend. I cannot imagine tackling another project without him. A true musical and spiritual partner.

Erin Dickins - Manhattan Transfer Co-Founder/Jazz Vocalist/Songwriter/Chef


My initial encounter with Wes was while recording with UB40 over 3 years ago now, from the offset it was apparent that this dude knew his shit!!

Wes’s approach to recording/mixing and mastering is second to none, his journey for perfection whilst constructing a track is immense, with every second of the composition under full surveillance!!

As with many artists, when the studio day begins, the brain propels itself into overdrive with ideas, take after take,  searching for what it is that's in your head! Wes is the dream engineer for this scenario.

He has a way of making it happen, whatever it is, and however  “out there” it may be.

Having recorded two UB40 albums with Wes, having had the most perfect vocal mix in my ears whilst recording, it would have been unthinkable of me to use anyone other than him on my own album, which he has gone on to mix and master to a level that surpassed what was even in my head (and I wrote it)!

Aside from work, I have the great pleasure in calling him one of my closest friends and look forward to many more years and studio sessions working together!

Matt Hoy - Singer/Songwriter/Producer


Wes was integral to delivering such a high quality music mix, that has gone on to win numerous high profile television craft awards. I don’t think many engineers could have recorded a gospel choir, string quartet, live drums, piano, bass, and vocals, plus supply a mix all in one day. (Did I mention it sounded incredible?)The man is a machine!

Rich Martin - ENVY Post


Musically intuitive , listens, artist friendly, cares deeply.  All of the aforementioned can be applied to Wes and what he brings to a project.

We have now worked with Wes on many and varied projects.  He has delivered the sonic goods on every occasion. 

Wes is firmly a part of the first call engineers for RAK and very much part of the RAK family.

Helps that he likes cats and Michael Franks.

Trisha Wegg - Studio Booker RAK Studios


I met Wes several years ago when he rescued some recordings I had made of original songs and produced my first EP Earthbound.

I remember our first encounter - a very chilled Wes offered me a coffee and I immediately felt the vibe that has sustained through all of our work since - super chilled, communicative, respectful and incredible!

Wes is a totally 'in tune' guy - he really gets my songs ... he really hears all the ideas and understands not only the music but the message, the sense and its purpose! He is phenomenally discerning and careful, puts every musician and singer at their ease within minutes and is just great fun! Every session is peppered with anecdotes and sound bites ... it's always a blast!

I have handed total production rights to Wes for my upcoming album and the results to date are beyond everything I visualised - it already feels and sounds like an album

Wes also brings great players to the table and I have had the total pleasure of working with artists such as Ralph Salmins, Elliott Randall, Chris Bell and Jon Klein ... to name a few!

Wes has wonderful musical ideas and his attention to detail leaves nothing that isn't worked to its maximum potential .... the guys who run the Goldsmiths Music Studio comment regularly and with admiration at the sound he achieves there 

I simply never want to work with anyone else!

Rachel Bennett (RAIE) - Singer/Songwriter/Vocal Coach


The first intro I had to the Production Universe of Wes through don guitarist Elliott Randall and great studio RAK.

Time after time he has demonstrated his talents for seeing a project through from rough idea to master mix.

I thrive off the reassurance that Wes, through his knowledge, patience, and creativity will make the music sound great.

Mo Michael - Songwriter/Guitarist/ Singer. 


Wes was fantastic to work with, he intuitively  added so much to the session, it was an absolute pleasure.

Luke Higgins - Guitarist/Songwriter on our session at RAK Studio 3.


Wes is both an incredibly talented music man and a wonderful human being. If you are 

looking for someone with great passion, who genuinely cares about his work, and is a total 

professional, and yet disarmingly modest and fun to work with, then look no further. 

Wes and I first worked together when I was Chairman of the APRS (The Association of 

Professional Recording Services) and he was on the Board of Directors, where he continues 

to serve, and his enthusiasm, integrity and selfless energy are invaluable.

Recently I asked Wes to do an Ibiza-style club remix of a Latin based track I had recorded 

with an artist I manage. I handed Wes the original separate .wavs and gave him the 

instruction “Do what you like with them!” All I can say is the end result of his efforts was 


Off the back of this I suggested that he and I write some songs together. I found the whole 

process of collaborating with Wes delightfully easy and tremendous fun from the very first 


Whether he is writing, recording, mixing or mastering, as an engineer/producer Wes will go 

to the ends of the earth for everyone he works with. He is constantly striving for, and 

achieving, excellence in order to make his clients’ tracks come alive. You will find, as I did, 

that he cares as much for your music as you do.

If you haven’t worked with Wes yet, may I suggest you do yourself a favour and remedy this 

as soon as you can . . . though I sincerely hope that if you do, Wes will still have time to work 

with me on all my upcoming projects!

David Hamilton-Smith – Producer/Manager/Writer/Engineer. 


Whoa! Wes Maebe, I just listened to your mastering job on "Lost Tapes" via the master reference copy, and I want everyone to know that you're absolutely brilliant. Elliott and Joe and I actually are all abuzz because you brought out so much clarity, dimension, bass and tone that it's incredible! If you make records, Wes is your man!!!! Look no further!

Luke Worle - Songwriter & frontman of Distortion Mirrors


Having worked with Wes on a number of projects including my latest album, Black Dahlia and Monster Jaw's new EP, I can honestly say his talent, dedication, attention to detail and commitment to excellence are outstanding and put him head and shoulders above his peers. Wes is a charming and friendly colleague, easy to work with and always helpful. Nothing is too much trouble and his work ethic is unbeatable. I sincerely hope to continue working with Wes on many future projects. 

Joolz Denby .


There is no Awesome without Wes

Dan Holt - Production Manager - The Edge Picture Company


Listening to the mix ... It's the real deal! It has loads of energy all the way. I think we've done the song justice.

Ichinchilla . 


I have been working with Wes for over 10 years now on various projects, and every time his professionalism, skill and easy going manner and charm have made each project fun and easy. Whether it has been blues, rock or acoustic folk, Wes brings all his experience to the master and he always gets  the best out of the music. It has been my pleasure to know and work with him over the years and I look forward to many more Wes masters to come!

Adam Norsworthy - The Mustangs


Wes was recommended to me by Peter Bullick at Sound Discs. Peter had mastered and manufactured several CDs for me in the past but this time, I needed a great studio, a fabulous piano and a brilliant engineer. Peter immediately recommended Wes and we started e-mailing and chatting on the phone. I had never recorded solo classical music before, all my other CDs were pop music/singing but Wes was a joy to work with. Patient, helpful, great pair of ears and he also put in a few musical ideas of his own. He made the day so much easier for me and everyone who hears Wes's piano sound is bowled over by it. I cannot recommend Wes highly enough, he's a great guy, a brilliant engineer and a total enthusiast!

Fiona Bennett

Owner, FAB Music Publishing.


I have had the pleasure of working with Wes on several projects recently from the differing perspectives of player and writer.

In the recording studio he is a calm and effective presence, handling the session on both sides of the desk with skill and imagination. 

On the mixing and mastering front I was particularly impressed with Wes's ability to bring some below par audio to life and to leave alone

the elements which didn't need changing. He has a great set of ears but is receptive to the ideas of the client. 

If there was a 'Golden Lobes' award for sound engineers, he'd be on the list!

Hugh Wilkinson                                                                                                                                                                                       

Percussionist / Drummer / Writer. 


As I was only allowed to choose only 3 attributes that best describe Wes, I chose the first 3 but all are very befitting of this fantastically talented chap. I was first introduced to Wes by Peter Bullick at 'Sound discs' who recommended him for our mastering needs. Since then, he recorded, mixed and mastered our latest offering..."Metalmorphosis" which is receiving great press. Wes is likeable, easy going and one of those clever all rounders that we all 'love to hate!'..... but just can't. Wes has become a good friend to me as well as a dedicated professional I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Tino Troy / Praying Mantis

Guitarist / Producer. 


It's easy to recommend working with Wes, but I will do so on more grounds than that of his technical knowledge alone. He has an infectious enthusiasm which is difficult to better, and he knows how to go above and beyond for the cause. Be warned though, your ideas about how coffee should taste are in danger of being changed forever!

Duncan Williams                                                                                                                                                                                             

Producer / Guitarist / Lecturer


The Frolick worked with Wes Maebe on our DVD - Calliope EPK.  Wes recorded, edited and mastered the live sound to very high quality.  He was extremely unobtrusive and a pleasure to work with, fitting in with our needs and the needs of the video production team seamlessly. It is not a simple task to record acoustic live sound from an opera singer with original 18th-century bowed and plucked instruments, but Wes gave us clarity in all instruments and great balance.  His editing is very fast and accurate and he was very respectful and considerate of my editing requests as Artistic Director. We are already planning future projects with Wes as our sound engineer, and could not recommend him highly enough.

Emma Curtis

The Frolick.         


Wes is one of the most friendly guys I've come across in music bizz.  He is amazingly creative and knowledgeable of his trade.  The thing that really caught my attention about Wes was a little something that happened during our first meeting.  We were at the AES convention, loads of people talking, presenting and doing workshops, so, he stopped in the midst of our conversation and commented so casually “aah the Tears for Fears”.  I looked at him stupefied and tried to distinguish the track in that clutter of noise in the room, and after about 10-15 sec I heard it as well.  I looked at him again and thought “this guy has to master my record when I’m done.  He’s got the ears of an elephant.”

Do I need to say more... if you are looking for someone who will get the job done and get it right, then Wes is your man!  You sure gonna have fun and if you like coffee, you'll have one of the best cups around ;)

Dado Dedic “Driftkikker”

Composer / Guitarist / Producer/DJ. 


What's great about working with Wes is his understanding of the musical needs of mastering and sequencing an album. The two CDs that Pilot Productions made with him were transformed by a keen ear for the right sound and an efficient and creative approach to editing. Working with Wes is also a real pleasure because he's very relaxed and happy to hear your views and take them on board. He is also confident enough to pitch his own ideas and suggestions, which are usually excellent.

Neville Farmer

Musical Director, Pilot Film and Television Productions Ltd

Director, Vinci Media Ltd. 


That's a lot of hair on that track, wow!. My favorite part of the mastering work is the bass...the kick is brutal...the whole low end has so much structure and it! The rest up top is also really hairy, well-eq'd, and textured really nicely. Really like his work actually...and I say that about very few mastering engineers...and usually, the more gear they have/use, the worse the job. This is a rare exception... and considering that track was never mixed to begin with (was a live take off of a DJ mixer), I can't believe the end results... the brutality factor went through the roof!


DJ / producer


The tracks sound excellent. I am really pleased with the results.

 Really nicely mixed. You seemed to have captured the best bits!


James Harris



It sounds AMAZING, the master, just right in every way, gorgeous, what a relief, thank you so much! Your guy is really good, ... just what I wanted.

Frances Shelley



I'm listening to the mix on my Dad's cheap Dell Multimedia system and it's taking the roof down:) maximum thanktitude!

Jules Dickens

Producer and programmer for Abstract Source


Wes, thank you. Great job with my older brother, Ell! You're damn good. 

Bruce Malamut